Thursday, October 28, 2010

Personalized photo books!!

Hey guys there is a really good deal going on with Picaboo right now (through the Groupon website) that I wanted to share with you. I use picaboo all the time. I make personalized photobooks through them & when I get them I am always satisfied with the way the look (very professional!). I love the books & have made MANY!! anyways here is the deal, You pay ONLY $35 (which is usually the price for 1 book) & you get $100 . That could make you two books or more!! Great christmas gifts! Here click on this link it will take you right to where you need to be!! Act fast though they are gone really quick! Enjoy I now you will love it as much as I do!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giveaway I wanted to share!

Over at SLC mommy she is giving away disney on ice tickets and she has BOGO check it out! She also has a lot of good coupons & deals! Love her blog!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

7 MoNtHs!!


Ok so the 7 month picture is not the best of him! 7 months must mark the time when he does not hold still or is very easily distracted by the piece of paper sitting next to him! I tried distracting him with my camera lens... didn't work. Tried having my 3 year old distract him by jumping up and down, making funny faces, & playing peek-a-boo.... didn't work! Yikes this boy is busy! This was the only OK one I got.... still cute though right :)

So Rhett went to his Dr apt and is a very healthy boy! He is eating lots of big people food & pretty much decided to skip pureed food (was not his favorite) As much as this boy eats you think he would be very high on the charts right?... WRONG he is only in the 4% in weight & 20% height. Tiny little fart! I am sure that things will change the way he is eating now! Here are a couple of cute things he is doing...

  • He is rocking back and forth on his hands and knees... almost crawling

  • He stands by himself for a few seconds

  • He pulls himself up on the coffee table & couch

  • Starting to say da da da and ma ma ma also ba ba ba

  • Almost has the waving Hi & bye down

My little man is growing up so fast Look at the pics below he has changed so much in the past 7 months. I wish time would slow down a bit!

Here are some recent random pics of my little guy!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well our trip was a success. I have been to Disneyland many times before, but nothing beats going with a my little girl! She was so excited about everything & made the trip so much more enjoyable than i ever could remember. We went for her 3rd birthday & she kept saying "Mom there is a lot of people here for my birthday huh!" Aw I just thought that was too cute! Ally loved all the rides, even the haunted mansion & pirates of the Caribbean. I thought she would be terrified but she loved it. Ally & Joey went on a little roller coaster in Mickeys toon town & Ally wasn't quite sure if she liked the ride at first but as soon as she got off she said "Dad, I want to go on the ROLLER POSTER again!" She thought it was pretty cool after all. As much as we missed our little Rhett (who was home with my Mom, Thanks Mom!) We really enjoyed spending some quality time with our little Ally bean. Here are some fun pictures:

Getting ready to go to the Happiest place on earth :)
Yay! We had a blast!

Look at the two girls! This is Ally's cousin Ellie. They were so cute & had such a great time together. We loved the matching Jammies!

(FYI- Some of the pics were from my phone so the quality is not the best)
~Huntington Beach~

So the day we decided to go to the beach it looked really cloudy & cold :( so we didn't bring our suits. When we got there it was still pretty cloudy but super warm so we were bummed we couldn't play in the water but we enjoyed it as much as possible! Ally loved the ocean she thought it was so cool.
Such an amazing trip & I cant wait to do it again!

Ally's 3rd Birthday

Its official I have a 3 year old! I cant believe it! On the birthday morning Ally's Uncle Eddie brought her cupcakes (like he does every year) for breakfast! Joey was able to stay home from work so we could celebrate all day! Here are some fun pics from the day!

Rhett had to join in on the fun!
Joeys Mom, Sister & Brother all came to visit Ally for her birthday. I had a big party planned for all our families to come but Ally & I got pretty sick so we had to cancel, but Joeys family was staying with us and came into town specifically for the party so we just celebrated with a small group :)
Even though she was not feeling good, she enjoyed her gifts and cake :)

A week later we celebrated with some more family!

Wow I am so lucky to have such a beautiful, smart, sweet little girl! She is awesome! Love you Ally!