Friday, February 26, 2010


OK so don't get me wrong... I love being pregnant BUT the last couple weeks are so hard! I am so ready for my little guy to be here! I went to the Dr. yesterday & thankfully things are moving along. I am dilated to a 2+ & 70% effaced. Yay! She thinks I will go within the next week or two. It was nice to hear so I can actually stay sane :) I just need the weather to start looking nice & I wont go too crazy! Ha ha. I am hoping that the next post is one with pictures of the little man!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My little mans vintage football nursery!

Its finally almost done (still have a few minor fixer uppers that need to be done but overall its finished) I really have liked the way it has turned out! Of coarse it is a "football" themed room. And the colors are a little different, but it has been so much fun! I surprised myself with some of my crafty work. I did a lot of decor with modge podge (new favorite thing!!) And I made the crib bedding YEAH ME!!! surprised? I was :) Don't look too close :) ha ha. Well I hope you like it!! Here are some pictures:



Nightstand that I re-did (post below)
Yeah this is what I made. Not too bad egh :) Re-did the shelf :)
Modge podge magnet board Vintage football pics my uncle took! Now I just need him here! Only 3 weeks to go!! Counting down :)

Before & After

My mom found this cute little dresser/nightstand at a thrift store for $7.00 it was cute but I knew it had some potential to look so much better, so I decided to spruce it up. I painted it a light pastel blue color & repainted the nobs. I love how it turned out!


I am on a mission... I want to redo so many pieces of furniture. I have a list of what I need to find. If you have any throw away furniture contact me first, I might want it (wink) So I will be posting pics of all my thrift store treasures! Yay :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines day!

We had a relaxing fun valentines day! My parents invited us to go up to the Grand america hotel to let Ally swim. She had such a blast. We ended up grabing a bite to eat at the little america.. THEIR ROLLS ARE HEAVENLY!! So instead of making our V-day dinner on the 14th we did it on Monday. We had a wonderful dinner & of coarse did the whole chocolate strawberries thing. Ally loved it & it got a little messy! :) We had a wonderful day! I love my little family & am very excited to be expanding very very soon! XoXo

8 Months!!

The time has flown by! Now i have to deal with the last Month! It is always the hardest! I cant wait to meet my little man.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Havalee Hope

When I found out I was pregnant last June I also found out my aunt Torie & cousin Stephanie were as well. My aunt Torie and I were only a day apart & Steph was 3 weeks behind us. We were all so very excited for one another. Stephanie, however found out early on in her pregnancy that her baby girl had some problems. We prayed for her & hoped that the Dr's. were wrong, Stephanie was strong through the whole thing. She prepared herself for the worst but prayed for the best. In that time they decided that they were going to name her Havalee Hope (have a little hope). It was about 2 weeks ago that Stephanie went back into the Dr. & they found out that little Havalee's heart was enlarged and took up most of her chest cavity. Stephanie was so upset, but still stayed positive. Last Tuesday we had received a call that little Havealee hope did not make it & Steph was going in to deliver her that night. This has been such a roller coaster for Steph and her family as well as all of us. Havalee was born 1 pound 7 ounces & was so beautiful. She was born into heaven & Stephanie was able to hold her own angel in her hands. I didn't get to hold her or see her, but that little angel made a imprint on my heart. I was honored to have been asked to sing at the funeral services. The song could have not been more perfect, Steph chose "my heart will go on". Being pregnant myself & getting up there in front of all of the loved ones was definitely difficult, but in a way very humbling experience & I felt very privileged to honor Havalee in a way.
I am so very grateful that I have been able to carry my little guy without any complications. I am very blessed that he is going to be healthy. This experience with this little Havalee made me not want to take my pregnancies for granted. Life is so precious & I am blessed to have Ally & my little guy come into my life. I hope that everyone else is thankful as well. Stephanie wanted that baby girl so badly, Havalee was so lucky to have been able to have her as a Mother. I don't know if Stephanie even has seen my blog but if she does, Steph I love you so much & I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I loved the saying that says " people usually dream about angels, but you have held one in your hands." I love you with all of my heart!