Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1st day of preschool!!

Yes it is official she is now in preschool. WHY?... why does time have to go by so fast! Yes i know she has already been in for a couple months now but I AM BEHIND ON MY BLOGS :) She absolutely LOVES school and when its time to come home after only 2 hours she complains that its not long enough so I am hoping she will enjoy kindergarden! She is such a little smarty pants I love seeing her learn new things! She already knows how to write her full name (Allyson Jean Collins) and most of her friends first names! She is learning to spell out words now as well! Love this girl!!

IDAHO with friends

Joey and I have a fun little group of frineds, we have known most of the boys for a VERY long time and I am happy that we are still great frineds after so long. Their wives are so awesome & we all have become very close. We decided to have a little get away in lava hot springs and let me tell you it was one of the funnest weekends I have had in a long time! LOTS and LOTS of laughs! I think we have made it a tradition and are going to head up there again sometime soon! Thanks for the fun memories guys!! xoxo


I have not been a very good blogger!!! What the crap! I am sorry I will try MUCH harder!! Ok so where to start I need to play catch up!! Lets start with ........ Mexico.

Joey and I celebrated our 5 Year anniversary in Mexico. We had such a wonderful time, We knew all we would really think about was the kids the whole time but as soon as we skyped
them the didn't even seem to care we were gone! They were having too much fun with Grandma & Grandpa! We stayed at an all inclusive resort called BARCELO. It was so humid there but I got used to it pretty fast although my hair did not! Ha ha I tried straightening it one day and it went curly and frizzy as soon as I stepped outside the hotel!! They had amazing food & awesome excursions. We went Jet skiing, snorkeling, swam in a cave, & zip lining. We didn't get many pictures of the excursions :( The ocean outside the hotel was GORGEOUS!! it was like something out of a movie! It was so great to get away and we cant wait to go back but it was even better to get home to our 2 babies!!