Thursday, March 12, 2009


So Joey & I have been in the house for the past week and a half. WE HAD CABIN FEVER!! Joey is feeling so much better so we decided to get the heck out! :) We went to Rockcreek pizza & then to the living Aquarium. It was fun! Ally loved it, every fish she saw she would say "memo!" (Nemo) or "SISHIES" (fishies) She was so excited about all of it! I am so glad Ally is feeling better & Joey is healing really well. Joey goes in tomorrow to get his stitches out & see how well the Dr. says the healing is going. :) I had such a great day with my little family & I can not wait until we do it again.


Love this pic!!

She would go through the cave then say "peek boo"


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Joeys surgery & Allys Flu.. What a week!

*WARNING: show his knee after surgery!!
Before surgery
During Surgery
(Me and Eddie waiting!)
After Surgery
(Eddie baught him a stuffed animal. how cute! ha ha)
Home with Ally!
(Notice the towels & barf bucket? EWW)
Poor little thing So sick!
Oh man what a week!! I feel like I am a mother of two now! ha ha J/k. Joeys surgery went really well. He tore more parts of his knee than we thought so surgery went a little bit longer than expected! So while I am taking care of Joey, Ally ends up getting the flu. She was throwing up all day sat. & could not keep anything down. Poor thing. Every time I would get the little bucket (you know for her to throw up in) she would say "oh no no no". It was so sad! She is feeling a little better today but stilll not 100%. As for Joey he is healing very well. He still is in some pain but doing great. I cant wait until we are back to normal life so we can go enjoy the nice weather :)