Sunday, January 25, 2009

My birthday weekend!

Some of the clan
Grams, Jen & Me
Jen & Me

I laughed for ever at this picture! I do not know what she was doing. She must really be into playing that piano. Too funny!
She Loved the piano. Every time she would disappear, I would look in the piano room & I would always find her. We've got a Minnie Mozart on our hands
Too cute!
Tbone & Me
On our way up to snowboard
OK wow one crazy bunch!!
Look at Baby Trey. LOL!
Ha ha
Oh wow!!
So for my Birthday we went up to Idaho to go snowboarding. It was going to be just Joey, Ally & I going up & then we had a whole crowd. It was a lot of fun! We played games, ate food, went snowboarding & laughed. I had such a great birthday! 22 years old. I cant believe how time flies! I am having the time of my life & cant wait to see what the future holds for me & my amazing little family! I am so excited.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ally's Emergency room visit!

What a day. It was one of the scariest days I have ever had. This morning when Ally woke up she was crying (usually she wakes up sp happy!) vut I didnt think anything of it. We went down stairs & I put her on the couch so I could get her some milk, but when I sat her down she just kept grabbing for me, so I picked her up & was holding her against my chest, I put the back of her head in my hand and went to look at her and she was unresponsive. I was horrified I didnt know what was wrong. She was still breathing but her eyes were closed & she would not respond to anything. I called 911 they rushed over & as soon as the deputy got to our house she woke up a little bit, but was still not acting like herself. They checked her blood sugar & it was low. So they wanted to take her to the hosptal for more tests. In the ambulance they gave her an IV and she hardly even reacted to it (which is not like Ally) She was so so calm (which i also not like our Rally Ally) so we got to the hopital where Joey met us & they ran quite a few tests. After a while she started acting more like herself Thankfully. The diagnosis is that she has a UTI, and an ear infection. The infection ended up getting into her blood stream & caused the low blood sugar which caused her to react the way she did. We are SO SO greatful that that was all it was. She is doing great tonight and acting completely normal. She was such a little trooper today & I am so proud of her, she was still smiling even after all ouf the blood tests. Thank you everyone for all your prayers I now Ally is very loved. I just hope I dont have to go through that EVER again. I love my little angel more than words can explain!!

Poor Baby
Hooked up to so many things :(
Such a trooper

Her poor little hand

Ally & Grandma Lori
Still so happy!!
Hugging aunt Maddie
Too cute

Watching Disney
Back to herself
Love you Miss Ally!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Joey

Today is Joey's 22nd Birthday (Jan 6th). I just wanted to let him know how much I love him. He has been such a wonderful husband & best friend to me, & the most incredible father to Ally! It is so amazing to watch him in the Daddy role. Joey Is such an great man & I am so blessed to call him my husband. I love you honey Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ally pics :)

her new rocking horse santa brought her :) Funny face
She loves to say cheese now when I bring out the camera
The pink princess couch Aunti angel bought her. She thinks she is pretty cool!
Love this face! She is a Happy girl!
"What mom"

Looking back on a few things that happened in 2008

Lost our beautiful Grandma Norton XOXO. Miss you so much.

Lost my Sweet Grandma Bohling. Miss you so much. XOXO

Ally's first time in the snow. She loved it

Ally turned the BIG 1

First time on an airplane for Ally

Started talking (or screaming ha ha) Favorite words: Mama, Eat, More, Thank you, night night, ok, papa, pooh (as in pooh bear) no no no, mickey, and lots more

started walking

Walking :)

We moved into our house!
(It does have a yard now YAY)

Happy New Year

We look good!!

I love him!

Little baby girl!!


Happy New yr!! 2009

2009!! Wow I can not believe that it the Yr. 2009 already. We had some friends over at our house for new years. We had a good time. Ally was a trooper and stayed up until 10:30, she could not quite make midnight. I hope everyone had a wonderful new yr.