Friday, July 23, 2010

Will this ever end?

Biggest Jazz fan!!

I have had such a hard couple months.... Last Saturday I lost my sweet cousin Jarred Phillips. He was only 28 yrs old. Our family has been heartbroken over this and we are going to miss him terribly! I feel like I have had my heart ripped out of my chest! Its been an emotional roller coaster. He left behind 3 adorable children. Jarred was a loving person & unfortunately he had a drug addiction which is what took his life. He was always so sweet & caring, in fact when I lost my Grandparents last month he called me several times & said how sorry he was & just cried because he knew I was hurting. He was so kind and such a tender heart! Keep his kids in your prayers please. They are hurting over this!

I made this video for the viewing & funeral. It is about 8 mins long but I thought I would share for those who did not get to see it at the funeral or viewing (it wasn't working correctly!):

Also we are trying to raise some money for his kids & things they need if you can go to:
and you can even just donate $2.00 it would be so so helpful! Thank you everyone for all your kind words & prayers.