Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maternity shoot!

Thank you to my uncle Cal we have such great pictures to cherish forever. I just love Ally in all of them!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Midway Getaway!!

Joey & I had decided that we need a little getaway before the baby got here. We didn't want to go too far so we stayed in Midway at the homestead resort. My sweet mother-in-law came to stay with Ally! So we headed up Friday & went to our room, now I didn't know what to expect & when we got there the room was not that great. I was so bumbed. We had two queen beds & a TINY bathroom with a Tiny tub! It looked like a motel 6 room. Joey was so sweet about it but I was a little sad. We hung out in our room for almost two hours & the room was 6o degrees & did not change once even after playing with the thermostat. So we called the front desk & they came to try and fix it... well they couldn't so they upgraded our room!! YAY I was so excited. We went from a little tiny room with tiny tub :0) to a cute little cottage with king size bed, fireplace, HUGE tub, & shower. It was so much better & I was so happy about it :) Joey & I were giddy about the situation :) We had such a great time. I think all couples need to getaway every once in a while especially if you have kids. Our new goal for 2010 is to spend more quality time together. Here are a few pics of the weekend!

This tub fit both of us (our tub at home does not) we could swim in it :) ha ha

The Marshalls met us in Park city for Dinner
and then we went for Delicious ice cream after!
Joey & I visited the ice castles at the Zermott. They were so cool. I have never seen anything like it!
it was so cold :)

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing husband. I don't think I let him know enough how much I love him. He makes me such a better person in every way. No words can describe the way I feel about him. I am excited to have our family expanding & to share the experience with him. I love you honey & thank you for such a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help me!!

ok guys I am needing some help!! I am having such a hard time with my little mans name! I am debating on:

  • Rhett Joseph Collins

  • Peyton Joseph Collins

As for now he is nicknamed JJ for Joey Jr. ha ha. Any suggestions on different names? I am open to anything. leave me a comment. Help me!!
Vote above!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Possibly going private!

I am debating on whether or not to go private, I haven't had any problems, but I don't want to end up with any either :) If I do go private & you would still like to read/look at my blog once in a while, send me your email. Also let me know if & why you have gone private. Thanks to everyone who checks out my blog. XoXo

Christmas morning.

Of coarse on a regular morning waking Ally up is not my favorite thing to do... BUT on Christmas morning I said "Ally Santa brought you some presents" Oh man she jumped right up. We opened our stocking & she was very excited about that, so we were very curious about her reaction to all the presents down stairs. She walked down & the look on her face was priceless! Every present she would open, before even seeing it, she would say "oh wow, so cool". Ally was so much fun this year it made it so exciting for all of us. I am thrilled for next yr, celebrating it with two kids. CRAZY!! :)
I know this is blurry, but I loved the face.

Christmas eve!

We were lucky enough to have Joey's Mom, Step Dad & Brother come stay christmas eve with us. We had a wonderful dinner, watched fun movies, & opened jammies.. Oh and of coarse made Santa cookies. That was the highlight of the night. Ally made/ SMASHED santas cookies & she was so proud of herself. Santa gobbled them up that night & ally woke up to the plate with only a few crums left. She thought it was so great that he loved her cookies. She had a blast.

Smashin the cookies :)

More of christmas to come.....

Christmas time!!

Even I was lucky enough to sit on Santa's lap!
Christmas was so much fun this year. Ally loved the music, movies, decorations, & lights. She especially loved the big man himself Santa. We were lucky enoughm to have him come to my Grandparents house for a special visit. Ally was a little nervous at first, but when she found out that candy was involved she was all for it! She did not want him to go, but we knew he had lots of work ahead of him :) More to come......