Friday, July 20, 2012

Holy Crap!!

Man for those of you who actually look at my blog, I have been super boring!! It has seriously been so long since I have posted anything!! Whoops! I have been ignoring my personal blog and paying a lot more attention to my other blog. That's awful! Man I don't even know where to begin! Ok let see lets do a little catching up shall we:
 My little man isn't so little anymore :( Rhett turned 2
Ally went to her first fashion show. She LOVED it 

We've been to park city with some WONDERFUL friends
I sprained my kankle ankle... OUCH!!
Rhett is now potty trained.... YIPEE no more diapers.. (for a while) ;)
Joey and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary BEST ANNIVERSARY EVER! if you want to read about it go HERE
We had a scary wild fire way too close to our house. No worries we are fine :)
We took a trip to St. George
Had a wonderful 4th of July
Ally is a little business woman and had her very first little lemonade stand. She did pretty dang good, with it being .25 cents per cup she made $14.00!! Every little customer she would say "Thank you, have a nice day!" too cute! She had so much fun!
And the most recent little trip we had was to bear lake. We had such a great time! Four wheeling, boat riding, games and great food! 

I think that sums up most of our excitement for the summer so far! We are headed to vernal tomorrow to go visit Grandma Jeanne. The kids are so excited. I will try and keep up on my personal blog! I seriously have been slacking! If you are a follower I love you for it and I promise I will do better :)

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