Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So Ally is saying sentances now that are so funny!! Few examples. The other day joey was carrying the laundry basket upstairs Ally says "daddy, you need some help?" he looked at her a little shocked and then said back "sure honey come grab this side" so she did! ha ha so funny! Then we were getting ready to go somewhere and Ally said " mommy are you ready to go?" Last but not least Maddie was over here playing with her and she had dropped a ball Ally said to maddie " maie I get it". She is just getting too big. I am loving her spunky little personality. She has had to go to time out atleast once a day though! Uh oh I feel the terrible twos coming on... I guess its not too bad! She brings so much joy to our life & I am loving every step of the way! Love you angel face!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was a lot of fun. Ally actually got really excited when she saw her basket. It was so fun. Christmas is going to be a blast next yr! We went to an easter party sat & the easter bunny was there (it actually was my hubby wink wink) Ally loved the bunny but only if it was atleast five feet away LOL. sunday was fun my brother Tay stayed with us & Ally adores him. He was such a big help. We went to dinner at m aunt and uncles & then went to my grandparents & played the funniest game (i will show pics in my next post!!) Overall we had such a great easter!!

thats as close as she would get!
Hooray! with a little sneak peak of who it was underneath she let him hold her!
Happy easter morning face!

What a face!
So upset! :)


Easter dress
"pop pop!" (thats what she calls it)


I am so happy how the salon turned out! My Dad did the countertop & sink & he did such a wonderful job!! Of coarse we have touchups & decorating to do, but other than that it is ready for clients!! :) if you or someone you know needs to get their hair done... LET ME KNOW :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Hope you all have a warm & wonderful Easter Holiday!
Love, The Collins Clan

Monday, April 6, 2009

vinyl design and decor

I am loving the vinyl lettering lately! I use it all over my home & even had it on my car for advertising. My new favorite is http://vinyldesignanddecor.com/ They have already made layouts & have so many different lettering so you can customize your own sayings. I just thought I would share their website. Have fun with it. I know I do!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ally being Ally :)

I thought this was so cute. She is getting so big! Just though I would share!

Salon is almost done!!

So we have been working (well joey has) on this salon for quite a while. I have been so impressed with Joey, He has done everything and learning as he goes. It has turned out so great! We are going to be laying the floor tonight and hopefull opening next week! YAY!!! So if you or someone you know needs their hair done... Give me a call!!